Hans Illiger   🙌

Designer, Founder, Guest Lecturer, Analytic Thinker and Programmer.


Hello there! I'm Hans, a passionate designer devoted to crafting innovative digital products.

Analysing complex human behaviour, expanding my knowledge horizons, exploring the fascinating world of text-to-computer interaction and creative games truly ignite my enthusiasm.

In addition to my design expertise, I bring a strong foundation in computer technology. I enjoy programming, tinkering with AI technology and tools, and finding ways to merge creativity with technical prowess.

I also contribute to the design community as a guest lecturer for interaction design at weißensee kunsthochschule berlin.

Alela app

I co-founded the 🤘 Alela app, an image based communication app for non-speaking individuals with communication difficulties. It connects all communication partners, seeing communication as a collaboration.

Alela has gained significant traction and widespread adoption among its target audience.


If you would like to connect 🤜🤛 with me or discuss potential opportunities, please feel free to reach out via email or visit my LinkedIn profile.